We have been breeding fox terriers from 1983. The first our bitch was Tina Tax v. d. Bismarckquelle daughter. We had lost her before her first exhibition came. After that we brought Wesoła Imbred from Mrs. Supronowicz. Wesoła was a good mother, but the first championship we won with Tośka z Kordegardy in 1988. Another successful were Hubka z Kordegardy, Nalewka Abdank. In 1992 I have met Mr. Jozef Brazda. Later he introduced me to Mr. Franciszek Polehna from Uherski Ostroh. That was how my ten years friendship has began. Since that time we worked together on successes of Urtt Franke, Ted Franke and his sister Tinna,Tea, Yvette Franke Lac de la Valle du Perou and Wotan Star Franke. Today we have two last Lina`s daughers: Matylda Abdank and Tara Abdank. This two and Dymka and Egida Abdank, young Osa II Abdank, Polka Abdank are, as I believe, the future of our breeding. We had some other pure-breed dogs as well. There were Polish low-lying sheep dogs, English bulldog Girra, and west highland white terriers

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